Baby Shower Card

Happy Sunday everyone! I have been in the card making mood ever since I got my new Cameo because it is so easy to create what I want and I can pick the size of the card that I want to make. I found some very cute embellishment stickers at the dollar store (yes I love going there you always find great stuff for $1) and they were baby themed and it gave me an idea for a cute baby shower card. I tried to keep it as gender neutral as possible but in my head green and yellow are not totally gender neutral, but that is just my opinion. I first picked the card size I wanted and cut it out on the cameo and made sure to perforate it so that I could fold it. Then I picked the moon embellishment to use on this card because it went with my saying and then I decided that a nice row of stars on the sign would complement it well. Then I put a little saying on the inside of the card. All of the words and the stars were made on the Cameo the only thing that was not handmade was the moon sticker. I thought it came out pretty well, so I am happy with it.

 IMG_2217 IMG_2218 IMG_2219

Hope you all enjoyed the post and that you had a great weekend!


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