Wooden Pumpkin Stakes

Hey everyone! 6 days until Halloween! Is everyone excited? Anyone have their costumes figured out? While I was here visiting family my Papa had made some wooden pumpkin stakes for the yard and he had painted them orange so I decided to give them a face. He had two of them so I decided that I would make them the same so that they could have one in their yard and I would have a matching one for our yard at home. I am a little obsessed with pirates so I decided to give them a pirate face! I had a hard time for some reason getting the yellow for the eyes and teeth to work on the orange for some reason. It was basically see through so I had to do a few different coats but eventually I got it on there. However, I had no other problems with the paint so not sure why the yellow was being so difficult. I drew the eye patch and mouth on so I knew where to put the rest of the face on their. I decided to give them pumpkin 2 gold teeth just to add that pirate touch along with a nose ring.


The pumpkin canvas


Pirate 1


Pirate 2

I think they turned out good and my Nanny and Papa were happy to put it in their garden by their front steps.


Outside Nanny & Papa’s House


Goes w/ her spider mat

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!


Halloween Party Invites

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a couple of days I am out of town so I don’t get to the computer as often as I do at home.  Plus I have been watching different Halloween movies :-). I decided to use my Cameo to make some Halloween party invites. I think it is fun to design invitations and cards for different holidays so I decided that since it is almost Halloween I would make some. I keep thinking of different ideas for cards and invites for Halloween that I may try out or I might save them for next year we will see when I get back in town. First I came up with the idea of the shape that I wanted them to be and then I did an inside outline of the shape and made it smaller so I could use a different patterned paper to put inside of it and I created the word Party out of the Pacifico font and then would use that to put it on the front of the invitation as well. The idea was that on the back is where someone would write in the party information. Here are all of the different patterns that I cut out.

IMG_2315 IMG_2314 IMG_2313 IMG_2312 IMG_2311 IMG_2310

After I got them all cut out I just tried out different patterns together and I think they came out pretty well. However, I think next time I will use a solid color of paper for the word party because some of the patterns I could not get to show up. So as you see below some of the pattern combinations turned out good while the others did not turn out as good because you can’t read the word party.

IMG_2321 IMG_2320 IMG_2319 IMG_2318 IMG_2317 IMG_2316

Hope you all enjoyed the Halloween invites! Only 9 more days till Halloween! Is everyone all decorated and prepared for Trick-or-Treaters?!

Retirement Party Cupcakes

Happy humpday everyone! Does it seem to anyone else that it should be Thursday and that this week is going by very slowly?! On the one hand we should not be getting furloughed since the government finally decided to figure it out right at the last minute. Hopefully they can figure everything out by their new date so we don’t go through this nail biting again.

Anyway so recently my Mom had some of her college friends out for one of their retirements party. It was a great idea because they came out just in time for the balloon fiesta. So she knows how I love to bake cupcakes so she had me bake some cupcakes for his retirement party. His favorite flavor was yellow so I made a yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting and I used some blue pearls for decorations.


Signature rose icing


Yellow cake with chocolate icing


Blue sugar pearl decorations


I decided though that I wanted to add a little something about it being for his retirement, because who isn’t excited to be retiring! So I decided to cut out a hot air balloon, to go along with the fact they were here for the balloon fiesta, on my Cameo and on the back I wrote “Let our a breath of air you’re retired!”. I thought it was a pretty clever saying so I was happy with myself for thinking of it. Now I should know that I need to proof read so I got it all cut out and everything and showed Hubby and I had a typo. So I had to go back and fix it and then I got them fixed and reprinted. Or so I thought, but since the type was small on the screen I did not see that it did not delete my typo but typed next to it so for the third time I had to fix it but third time is the charm and they came out good this time. Then I glued the balloons to some toothpicks so that she could stick them in the cupcakes when it was time for the party.


The hot air balloon cutout


Back of the hot air balloon cutout


Finished product



I heard that they were a great success at the party so I was very happy! I am always glad when my cupcakes turn out the way I want them to. Well off to finish my episode of Sleepy Hollow and then off to bed! Have a great night everyone, thanks for tuning into my blog! Come back again!

Wicked Witch Boots

It is that time of year again…Halloween time! I love that the weather is still warm but not too hot. I am excited to decorate for Halloween and to have our trick-or-treaters! We handed out full candy bars last time because Hubby wanted to be “that house” that kids remember and I must admit it was a lot of fun. I had a little wicker basked and we lined up all of the different choices for the kids to pick and I think they really enjoyed picking out what they got. It was interesting to see what they all picked and what out of the choices went the fastest. I ended up getting some Fun Dip packets and Hubby didn’t think anyone would go for those and actually a lot of people did, especially mom’s with babies. Anyway so I ordered me some new shoes and they came with these cardboard inserts that were shaped to go inside the shoe and I was going to recycle them and my mom said those would be cool to make something out of them. Then the idea popped into my head! They would be perfect for wicked witch boots! So that is indeed what I did! First I started with outlining where the buckle would go and painting it silver.


The outline


The buckle


After I got that done I had to draw where the boot would be painted on the cardboard foot and where the flap of the boot would come up on the foot from the buckle. Once that was drawn on I painted the bottom part of the book black and then the flap of the boot black.


The boot

IMG_2287 IMG_2286

The next step was making the striped socks. Now the witch usually wears green and black socks but since I wasn’t making this 3d you wouldn’t really be able to tell the difference from the black sock stripe and the boot. So Hubby suggested that I make the black a little lighter, so I mixed some silver and black paint together and that worked out nicely. I know it isn’t the exact color of the witches socks but I wanted to be able to see it. I think it turned out pretty good.


The flap and socks


witchy socks


I wasn’t sure about painting on the top because that is where the foot would be but I also don’t want it to look strange. However, Hubby suggested we find a way to give it legs so I am still working on that part. Next I wanted it to be a heel so I took two toilet paper rolls and painted them black and stuck them up in the heel of the cardboard foot and voila we have a heel boot.


Toilet paper roll heel


The finished product!


I give you the wicked witches shoes


I must say I am pretty happy with them and I think they are going to be a great decoration for around the house and the best part is I didn’t have to glue the heel in so when storing I can take it off and they will fit in a smaller box! :-). Hope you all enjoyed my Halloween craft! More to come!

Throwback Thursday: Christmas Cupcakes!

In light of it being throwback thursday I have decided to write about my cupcakes I made last year for Christmas. I decided that I would make white cake cupcakes and dye half of them red and half of them green. Why? Well because it was for Christmas! I decided that I would use a white vanilla frosting on top because it was like snow on top of them! Now I love baking stuff so I have tons of different things to put on top of cupcakes, and christmas decorations is no exception. I decided to just do a little of it all! I had some christmas light candies, and different shaped red, green, and white sprinkles. I decided I would even mix and match some of the light candy with the sprinkles. I used my usual rose style icing and then came back and added the different toppings. I tried to make a pattern when it came to putting the light candies on top of it. I hope you all like pictures because I decided to show the different ways I iced them. Sorry in advance if they make you want to go eat a cupcake :-)!


The beginning

IMG_1271 IMG_1295 IMG_1291 IMG_1290 IMG_1286 IMG_1281 IMG_1278 IMG_1275 IMG_1273 IMG_1272

Then there was the final product…

IMG_1298 IMG_1297

I hope you all enjoyed seeing my Christmas inspired cupcakes. I am looking forward to making some more this year and trying out a different decorating idea! Until next time!

Birthday Card

Happy Monday evening! Hope everyone had a good Monday, or as good of a Monday as one can have! I decided that I wanted to make a fun but pretty simple birthday card. I decided I would kind of do the words topsy turvy because to me it just made it say have a fun birthday! I again used the Pacifico font to make the words “Happy Birthday”. I then decided that I wanted to line the bottom of the card with some off kilter candles. I didn’t want all of them to be in a row but I wanted it to be like up, down, up down, etc. I thought it also added to the whimsicalness of the card. At first I was going to cut the candles out of the main card paper but I decided I didn’t want all the candles to be the same color and I didn’t want the inside of the card to look like a frankenstein of different pieces of paper glued in it to make the candles all show a different color. So I decided to just cut the candles out with the Cameo and glue the separately to the card. I traced the candles and then I cut the wicks off so that I could make all of those yellow. Then I decided on my three candle colors and cut them out. After I had everything cut out it was time to piece it all together. Personally I think it came out pretty good, I would like it if someone used it for my birthday card. I decided to leave the inside blank because sometimes it is just fun to personalize the saying of the card for the person you are giving it to!


Cut and ready to go


Final product

That was my nice short and sweet blog about my birthday card hope you enjoyed it! Have a great evening!

Bridal Shower Cupcakes

Happy Friday everyone! Just because the government is shutdown doesn’t mean my blog is :-). I feel like talking about cupcakes today! When one of my best friends got married I offered to make some bridal shower cupcakes for her. It was definitely the most cupcakes I have made at once! I made three different batches, that means 72 total cupcakes, 144 cupcake wrappers (because I used two on each), and 72 of my icing roses. The first cupcake I made was a red velvet with cream cheese icing. I used a plain white liner to cook them in and then set them down into a purple flower liner and sprinkled on some gold sprinkles to decorate them.


Red Velvet w/ Cream Cheese

IMG_1456 IMG_1458

The next cupcake I made was yellow with chocolate icing. These I put down in a pink flower liner and used white pearl candy to decorate them.


Yellow w/ Chocolate

IMG_1463 IMG_1462

The third cupcake I baked was chocolate with cinnamon roll icing. For these they were set down in a white flower and I used blue pearl candy to decorate them


Chocolate w/ Cinnamon Roll

IMG_1473 IMG_1471

I was so nervous to transport them because I didn’t want to turn to sharp and have them all go everywhere, I am pretty sure I would have cried! Her cousin had a 6 tiered stand and we used that to display the cupcakes. At first we weren’t sure they were all going to fit and then I was afraid someone would hit the table and they would fall over. But it worked out perfectly!

IMG_1477 IMG_1489

Needless to say the cupcakes were a hit and everyone loved them! I really do like the way I finally found to ice them after a bunch of trial and error with other ways. I do want to eventually branch out and try others like making grass and what not.  I hope you enjoyed my post about cupcakes and if it made you want a cupcake, hey indulge it is Friday go get yourself a cupcake! 🙂

Valentine Card

Hey there everyone! Sorry it has been a couple days since my last post. Hope everyone had a good Monday! Mine started out with on Sunday night hearing a giant crash and running downstairs to see that our bathroom mirror took a dive off the wall and shattered everywhere! Luckily no animals were hurt in the process because the dog usually sleep there! Of course as we started picking up the many shards I said to Hubby maybe I should keep some of these to use to make something. Then I got that look of seriously. He did eventaully say that could be cool but we both decided at that time of night was no time to start trying to save pieces. So now we have this giant unpainted white area and no mirror to get ready with in the mornings so I have moved my morning grooming to the hall bathroom until we get a replacement mirror!

Now onto my recent card creation. I had this cute idea for a Valentines day card and decided to run with it and see how it worked out. I thought it would be cute to have the front of the card have some boxes that opened up so that you could have a little saying on the front that was a surprise until they opened up each box. I decided to but out a different shaped heart for each box. I used my Cameo to make the entire card. First I created the size I wanted and then I had to come up with how I wanted the boxes to look and make sure they were only cut on three sides and perforated on one so that they could be opened. It actually came out really well when I cut it on the Cameo. It was a little hard at first to fold the card in half because there wasn’t much card boarder left between the fold and the boxes that I made but in the end it worked out well.


The cut pieces


The card cutout

Then I got four different shaped hearts that I thought complimented each other well and made them to be cut to fit on top of the boxes. After I cut them out I discovered that when one was cut out it made a really cool heart from the inside of it and so I ended up using that as my fourth heart instead of the one I had intended to use. After those were cut I glued them to the boxes and found a pretty yellow paper to put behind the boxes so that when you opened them you could see the different colored paper and the words. I decided on the phrase “Forever and For Always”, I liked it because it was the perfect fit of four words and I just think that is a cute Valentines saying. So I cut those out and put them under each box. Then I cut out “Happy Valentines Day!” and put that on the upper flap of the card. I picked here because I thought it looked better on the yellow and because it gives them a lot of room if they want to write a longer message.


The front heart boxes


The inside of the boxes


Inside of the card

I thought all in all the idea came out real well. Hubby was pretty impressed with it! I like the idea because I can use different sayings inside the card and also I could use it for different themed cards, it doesn’t just have to be Valentines day. I hope you all think the card is cute and come back and read some more posts! Have a great evening!