Valentine Card

Hey there everyone! Sorry it has been a couple days since my last post. Hope everyone had a good Monday! Mine started out with on Sunday night hearing a giant crash and running downstairs to see that our bathroom mirror took a dive off the wall and shattered everywhere! Luckily no animals were hurt in the process because the dog usually sleep there! Of course as we started picking up the many shards I said to Hubby maybe I should keep some of these to use to make something. Then I got that look of seriously. He did eventaully say that could be cool but we both decided at that time of night was no time to start trying to save pieces. So now we have this giant unpainted white area and no mirror to get ready with in the mornings so I have moved my morning grooming to the hall bathroom until we get a replacement mirror!

Now onto my recent card creation. I had this cute idea for a Valentines day card and decided to run with it and see how it worked out. I thought it would be cute to have the front of the card have some boxes that opened up so that you could have a little saying on the front that was a surprise until they opened up each box. I decided to but out a different shaped heart for each box. I used my Cameo to make the entire card. First I created the size I wanted and then I had to come up with how I wanted the boxes to look and make sure they were only cut on three sides and perforated on one so that they could be opened. It actually came out really well when I cut it on the Cameo. It was a little hard at first to fold the card in half because there wasn’t much card boarder left between the fold and the boxes that I made but in the end it worked out well.


The cut pieces


The card cutout

Then I got four different shaped hearts that I thought complimented each other well and made them to be cut to fit on top of the boxes. After I cut them out I discovered that when one was cut out it made a really cool heart from the inside of it and so I ended up using that as my fourth heart instead of the one I had intended to use. After those were cut I glued them to the boxes and found a pretty yellow paper to put behind the boxes so that when you opened them you could see the different colored paper and the words. I decided on the phrase “Forever and For Always”, I liked it because it was the perfect fit of four words and I just think that is a cute Valentines saying. So I cut those out and put them under each box. Then I cut out “Happy Valentines Day!” and put that on the upper flap of the card. I picked here because I thought it looked better on the yellow and because it gives them a lot of room if they want to write a longer message.


The front heart boxes


The inside of the boxes


Inside of the card

I thought all in all the idea came out real well. Hubby was pretty impressed with it! I like the idea because I can use different sayings inside the card and also I could use it for different themed cards, it doesn’t just have to be Valentines day. I hope you all think the card is cute and come back and read some more posts! Have a great evening!


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