Throwback Thursday: Christmas Cupcakes!

In light of it being throwback thursday I have decided to write about my cupcakes I made last year for Christmas. I decided that I would make white cake cupcakes and dye half of them red and half of them green. Why? Well because it was for Christmas! I decided that I would use a white vanilla frosting on top because it was like snow on top of them! Now I love baking stuff so I have tons of different things to put on top of cupcakes, and christmas decorations is no exception. I decided to just do a little of it all! I had some christmas light candies, and different shaped red, green, and white sprinkles. I decided I would even mix and match some of the light candy with the sprinkles. I used my usual rose style icing and then came back and added the different toppings. I tried to make a pattern when it came to putting the light candies on top of it. I hope you all like pictures because I decided to show the different ways I iced them. Sorry in advance if they make you want to go eat a cupcake :-)!


The beginning

IMG_1271 IMG_1295 IMG_1291 IMG_1290 IMG_1286 IMG_1281 IMG_1278 IMG_1275 IMG_1273 IMG_1272

Then there was the final product…

IMG_1298 IMG_1297

I hope you all enjoyed seeing my Christmas inspired cupcakes. I am looking forward to making some more this year and trying out a different decorating idea! Until next time!


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