Retirement Party Cupcakes

Happy humpday everyone! Does it seem to anyone else that it should be Thursday and that this week is going by very slowly?! On the one hand we should not be getting furloughed since the government finally decided to figure it out right at the last minute. Hopefully they can figure everything out by their new date so we don’t go through this nail biting again.

Anyway so recently my Mom had some of her college friends out for one of their retirements party. It was a great idea because they came out just in time for the balloon fiesta. So she knows how I love to bake cupcakes so she had me bake some cupcakes for his retirement party. His favorite flavor was yellow so I made a yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting and I used some blue pearls for decorations.


Signature rose icing


Yellow cake with chocolate icing


Blue sugar pearl decorations


I decided though that I wanted to add a little something about it being for his retirement, because who isn’t excited to be retiring! So I decided to cut out a hot air balloon, to go along with the fact they were here for the balloon fiesta, on my Cameo and on the back I wrote “Let our a breath of air you’re retired!”. I thought it was a pretty clever saying so I was happy with myself for thinking of it. Now I should know that I need to proof read so I got it all cut out and everything and showed Hubby and I had a typo. So I had to go back and fix it and then I got them fixed and reprinted. Or so I thought, but since the type was small on the screen I did not see that it did not delete my typo but typed next to it so for the third time I had to fix it but third time is the charm and they came out good this time. Then I glued the balloons to some toothpicks so that she could stick them in the cupcakes when it was time for the party.


The hot air balloon cutout


Back of the hot air balloon cutout


Finished product



I heard that they were a great success at the party so I was very happy! I am always glad when my cupcakes turn out the way I want them to. Well off to finish my episode of Sleepy Hollow and then off to bed! Have a great night everyone, thanks for tuning into my blog! Come back again!


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