Halloween Party Invites

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a couple of days I am out of town so I don’t get to the computer as often as I do at home.  Plus I have been watching different Halloween movies :-). I decided to use my Cameo to make some Halloween party invites. I think it is fun to design invitations and cards for different holidays so I decided that since it is almost Halloween I would make some. I keep thinking of different ideas for cards and invites for Halloween that I may try out or I might save them for next year we will see when I get back in town. First I came up with the idea of the shape that I wanted them to be and then I did an inside outline of the shape and made it smaller so I could use a different patterned paper to put inside of it and I created the word Party out of the Pacifico font and then would use that to put it on the front of the invitation as well. The idea was that on the back is where someone would write in the party information. Here are all of the different patterns that I cut out.

IMG_2315 IMG_2314 IMG_2313 IMG_2312 IMG_2311 IMG_2310

After I got them all cut out I just tried out different patterns together and I think they came out pretty well. However, I think next time I will use a solid color of paper for the word party because some of the patterns I could not get to show up. So as you see below some of the pattern combinations turned out good while the others did not turn out as good because you can’t read the word party.

IMG_2321 IMG_2320 IMG_2319 IMG_2318 IMG_2317 IMG_2316

Hope you all enjoyed the Halloween invites! Only 9 more days till Halloween! Is everyone all decorated and prepared for Trick-or-Treaters?!


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