Wooden Pumpkin Stakes

Hey everyone! 6 days until Halloween! Is everyone excited? Anyone have their costumes figured out? While I was here visiting family my Papa had made some wooden pumpkin stakes for the yard and he had painted them orange so I decided to give them a face. He had two of them so I decided that I would make them the same so that they could have one in their yard and I would have a matching one for our yard at home. I am a little obsessed with pirates so I decided to give them a pirate face! I had a hard time for some reason getting the yellow for the eyes and teeth to work on the orange for some reason. It was basically see through so I had to do a few different coats but eventually I got it on there. However, I had no other problems with the paint so not sure why the yellow was being so difficult. I drew the eye patch and mouth on so I knew where to put the rest of the face on their. I decided to give them pumpkin 2 gold teeth just to add that pirate touch along with a nose ring.


The pumpkin canvas


Pirate 1


Pirate 2

I think they turned out good and my Nanny and Papa were happy to put it in their garden by their front steps.


Outside Nanny & Papa’s House


Goes w/ her spider mat

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!


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