Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!!

Yay! Halloween is finally here! I love getting to hand out candy. I am just hoping that the wind dies down so we can put our big blow up cat arch up for the kids to walk under. I love getting to decorate and hand out candy. I know I have been bad at blogging (obviously) but I do intend to get back into it. For this Halloween I went to a place called Art Attack, it is where you can paint different pottery pieces and then they glaze and fire it for you. It is a lot of fun. It is something my best friend and I love doing. They even have a ladies night the first Friday of every month and you go from 8-10 and you can bring a drink and paint. I have done a lot of these, and I always get over ambitious and make something complicated and it takes me forever to paint it because you have to do 3 coats of each color if you want it dark, which of course I always do. Anyway this year I decided to paint a pumpkin with a Nightmare Before Christmas theme. I actually am really proud of how it turned out, I did not think the silhouette of Jack and Sally on the hill would look as good as it does and as for Oogie Boogie and Zero I think they turned out well, as did the Jack Skellington face I put in the bottom of the pumpkin. I am using a fake candle to put in it and light it up as a decoration for my house. I also have a picture of the pumpkin I painted last year it is a masquerade pumpkin :-). I hope you all enjoy! Happy Halloween everyone!

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