Baby Shower Tie Blankets

Sorry for the absence I am just not the most attentive blogger. In my defence I have been behind in crafting because grad school is making it hard to do anything besides homework and going to work. I have a couple weeks off from school so hopefully I can accomplish some and this next semester I will only be taking 1 class so hopefully that means less homework.

Anyway one of my co-workers is having a baby and her shower at work is this week. Here theme is elephants for her little guy. So I decided to make her a couple of small tie blankets with elephants on them to go with her theme. The first one here is navy (which is also part of her color theme) I thought it was really cute. It is felt. I usually do the tie blankets two different fabrics one on each side but decided this time to keep it the same on each side. I am hoping maybe one day it will turn into his blankie :-).


The second one is white here with some grey and tan elephants on it. I love this one because it is SO soft!! I think it will be a great one to snuggle on and you know babies they put things in their mouth, especially when teething so I think this would be soft. IMG_4947

I am happy with how they turned out and think they should be a good size for him as a baby and even as a toddler. I had fun making them. I put on Wet Hot American Summer, the movie, since the show is about to come out and worked on them. Then I switched to Gossip Girl, I am only on season two. Anyway it has been nice having some moments to craft :-).

Happy crafting everyone!

~Sweet Tea Creative