Bridal Shower Cupcakes

Happy Friday everyone! Just because the government is shutdown doesn’t mean my blog is :-). I feel like talking about cupcakes today! When one of my best friends got married I offered to make some bridal shower cupcakes for her. It was definitely the most cupcakes I have made at once! I made three different batches, that means 72 total cupcakes, 144 cupcake wrappers (because I used two on each), and 72 of my icing roses. The first cupcake I made was a red velvet with cream cheese icing. I used a plain white liner to cook them in and then set them down into a purple flower liner and sprinkled on some gold sprinkles to decorate them.


Red Velvet w/ Cream Cheese

IMG_1456 IMG_1458

The next cupcake I made was yellow with chocolate icing. These I put down in a pink flower liner and used white pearl candy to decorate them.


Yellow w/ Chocolate

IMG_1463 IMG_1462

The third cupcake I baked was chocolate with cinnamon roll icing. For these they were set down in a white flower and I used blue pearl candy to decorate them


Chocolate w/ Cinnamon Roll

IMG_1473 IMG_1471

I was so nervous to transport them because I didn’t want to turn to sharp and have them all go everywhere, I am pretty sure I would have cried! Her cousin had a 6 tiered stand and we used that to display the cupcakes. At first we weren’t sure they were all going to fit and then I was afraid someone would hit the table and they would fall over. But it worked out perfectly!

IMG_1477 IMG_1489

Needless to say the cupcakes were a hit and everyone loved them! I really do like the way I finally found to ice them after a bunch of trial and error with other ways. I do want to eventually branch out and try others like making grass and what not.  I hope you enjoyed my post about cupcakes and if it made you want a cupcake, hey indulge it is Friday go get yourself a cupcake! 🙂