Birthday Card

Happy Monday evening! Hope everyone had a good Monday, or as good of a Monday as one can have! I decided that I wanted to make a fun but pretty simple birthday card. I decided I would kind of do the words topsy turvy because to me it just made it say have a fun birthday! I again used the Pacifico font to make the words “Happy Birthday”. I then decided that I wanted to line the bottom of the card with some off kilter candles. I didn’t want all of them to be in a row but I wanted it to be like up, down, up down, etc. I thought it also added to the whimsicalness of the card. At first I was going to cut the candles out of the main card paper but I decided I didn’t want all the candles to be the same color and I didn’t want the inside of the card to look like a frankenstein of different pieces of paper glued in it to make the candles all show a different color. So I decided to just cut the candles out with the Cameo and glue the separately to the card. I traced the candles and then I cut the wicks off so that I could make all of those yellow. Then I decided on my three candle colors and cut them out. After I had everything cut out it was time to piece it all together. Personally I think it came out pretty good, I would like it if someone used it for my birthday card. I decided to leave the inside blank because sometimes it is just fun to personalize the saying of the card for the person you are giving it to!


Cut and ready to go


Final product

That was my nice short and sweet blog about my birthday card hope you enjoyed it! Have a great evening!


Ant Birthday Cupcakes

So besides being a crafter I am also a baker, I especially love making cupcakes! We drove up to Denver for my nephews 1st birthday so I offered to make some birthday cupcakes for them to have at his birthday party. The theme was bugs, it was so cute! First my husband and I painted him a couple of wooden bugs and a wooden #1 to go on his present, I painted a dragonfly  and the #1 and Hubby painted a bumble bee. You can see from the picture I went with the more just paint it pretty and Hubby got all creative and created like a Mario bee! What was funny about this was that I hadn’t talked to my sister-in-law before hand about what I was doing and low and behold the little cake she had ordered for him had a dragonfly and a bumble bee on it! Then it got even weirder the #1 I painted was blue with red polkadots and the #1 candle she had bought him was blue with green polka dots! It was like we were connected!


My cute nephew I love him!


I had a hard time at first figuring out how to make the ants fit on the cupcakes because I do a special like rose/flower type icing and I didn’t want to ruin it. Also, we weren’t sure if everyone would like the chocolate on theirs so I did some with and some without the ants. At first I tried to use icing for the legs on the ants but it wasn’t working so my brother had a good idea of using chocolate sprinkles so I used those as the legs and then I used chocolate chips as the bodies. I think they turned out pretty good and they were a hit because they were all gone at the end of the party!

IMG_1929 IMG_1928 IMG_1927IMG_1926

I hope you guys enjoyed my cupcakes! Please leave comments and follow my blog! I know I am knew but it will be worth it! 🙂