Halloween Treats

Hey readers!

Sorry for the break from writing we went to visit family in Tulsa and then things were crazy when we got back. Getting back into the swing of work was hard so I would come home exhausted so I wasn’t in the thinking mood on what to write about and then I got sick and my dog got sick so we were both recovering from that! However, I did have a Halloween party when we got back and I made some creative treats for the party so I wanted to go ahead and post about them so that I get to show them off again :-).

First off Hubby of course has to be “that house” for Halloween so here is what the kids got to choose from! I would say they were pretty lucky. However, did anyone else notice that there weren’t as many kids this year as last year?!


The Candy Basket

For the party the first treat I decided to make was a rice krispy treat spider! I found it on Pinterest and decided that I just had to make it! I thought it came out real well! I used candy corn for the fangs and red jelly beans for the red eyes.


Rice Krispy Spider!

My moose brother (aka best friend) had a little Halloween party treat book and we found the cute carrot pumpkin. I just got some baby carrots and put them on a plate with two little glasses filled with ranch as the eyes and then used sliced cucumbers for the mouth and nose. Then I used celery and a green bean as the top of the pumpkin and a little celery thrown in the ranch as the eyes.


Veggie Pumpkin

Then of course I had to make my popcorn monster hands. So just had to pop a lot of popcorn and put candy corn in the fingers of the gloves like nails and filled the rest with popcorn to make monster hands. I used to make these for Halloween when I was younger.


Monster Hand!

I also found a cute idea of doing like “finger” sandwiches but I put a twist on it and made them peanut butter and jelly and used the red jelly on the ends of the “fingers” so it looks like they were cut off. Then used almonds on the tips like the fingernails, which attached with peanut butter so that it would kind of glue it on there.


“Finger” Sandwiches

Last but not least what would my party be without me making some cupcakes. I decided to make some chocolate mini cupcakes with vanilla icing that I food colored to be red and used some skull sprinkles on them with my signature rose icing. I also had to make my traditional caramel apple cupcakes. I used a cinnamon muffin mix and chopped up a green able to go in the batter and then I put caramel on top. Then I put some black icing on the top and drag a toothpick through it to make it a spiderweb.


Chocolate Cupcakes w/ Rose Icing


Skull Sprinkles 🙂


Cute stand!


Caramel Apple Spiderweb Cupcakes

I found a lot of fun decorations for the table at the dollar store and I think the layout turned out real well :).

IMG_2432 IMG_2436 IMG_2435 IMG_2434 IMG_2438 IMG_2440 IMG_2455

Hope you all enjoyed! I had fun at the party and making everything for it! It took us forever to find costumes but I finally found us some we were Greek Goddess and a Warrior! Have a great evening!


Hubby & I


Moose Bro & I


Flower Vase

Hey there everyone! It is time for my first post…whose excited?! I am!

Since we have moved into our house (almost 2 years ago) I have been meaning to find some vases or baskets of some kind to put some fake flowers in to decorate our house with. Now I am all for real flowers, I love when Hubby brings home some pretty flowers for me to have. But let’s face it they only survive so long, no matter how diligently you water them. And yes I do water them every night, even though Hubby says that I just eventually kill all the flowers. Back to the project…So my Mom was cleaning some stuff around her house and she found this pink fiesta type vase and she asked if I wanted it, I said yes.

Pink Fiesta Vase

Pink Fiesta Vase

At first I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it and then I thought hey that could look cute with some fake flowers in it and I could put that in the bathroom by the tub so that when I take a bath I have something pretty to look at. So I happened to be at Michaels (a very dangerous store for me to go into, because I will buy EVERYTHING!) and they had their flowers for 50% off so I thought why not grab a couple and see how they look. So I found me three pretty flowers that I thought would look good in the vase, a purple, red, and yellowish white one.


The Flowers

I first tried to cut the stems down with some regular scissors not knowing that they had some wire in them so off I went into Hubby’s office, where he is working on making his own Quad Copter or something and found myself a better cutting tool. It took some grunting on my part and the clasping of both hands on it but I finally got the flowers cut the the length that I wanted them to. I must say I am pretty happy with the finished product.


Side 1


Side 2

I know it isn’t something huge, but since I have been trying to do this for almost 2 years now it was a pretty big deal for me. Especially since I have the habit of coming up with tons of ideas and never doing them. Hubby was pretty impressed with the flowers and I think he wants me to put them somewhere they can be seen more instead of just by the tub where I am usually the only one who sees them.

I hope you enjoyed my first post and that I get some regular readers/followers. Please comment!